TBI Helpful Resources

Below are links to web pages that provide helpful resources and information related to traumatic brain injury. Click on each web page header for TBI resources.

National Rehabilitation Information Center Links

Strong Relationships May Help Adolescents Adjusting to a Traumatic Brain Injury

CDC Pediatric mTBI Guideline - Take Action to Improve the Care of Children with mTBI

Mild TBI Can Have a Lasting Impact for Young Children, but It’s Not Clear Whether They Receive the Rehabilitation and Education Services They May Need

Pre-Injury Factors May Matter More Than Injury Severity When Predicting Outcomes after a Traumatic Brain Injury

A Brief Internet-based Parent Training Program May Build Parenting Skills and Reduce Behavior Challenges in Children with Traumatic Brain Injury

For People with Traumatic Brain Injury, Early Depression and Behavior Problems May Be Connected

Rehabilitation Staff Have a Good General Understanding of Concussion, but Could Benefit from Learning More

For lower-income families dealing with childhood TBI, a web-based parent training program shows promise

For Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury, Problem-Solving Styles Matter in Social Situations

Helpful Tips for Making the Return to School or College Easier Post-TBI

Hot Topic Module: Traumatic Brain Injury and Depression


Search TTAC Online and Virginia Family website for TBI Resources: TTAC Online and  Virginia Family Special Education Connection

Living with Traumatic Brain Injury

Welcome to the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems

COLORADO KIDS Brain Injury Resource Network

Why helmets don’t prevent concussions


Newsletters and Manuals

Returning to School after Traumatic Brain Injury